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Nikon D5200 comes with an AF and metering module enhanced

Posted by Multimedia Article on Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Nikon today announced the DSLR class 'starter over' the Nikon D5200 which has a shape almost identical to the previous product D5100. This time Nikon offered a choice of body colors red or cokat, in addition to black as the standard color of digital SLR camera body in general. Improvement is performed using Nikon 24 MP sensor (same as D3200) and plucks AF and metering module belonging D7000, a good news of course.
Earlier in the beginning of the year we've reviewed the D5100 and the weak side we review the AF module is wearing a long and metering module inadequate for the size of modern cameras. D5100 using 11 point AF module (1 cross type) the same as the D3000, and use 420 pixel RGB metering module is the same as the D40! D5200 is now made ​​by applying metering and AF module of the 2,016 pixel RGB D7000 and 39 point AF (9 cross type) which makes it more accurate when used in high-contrast areas and follow the movements of moving objects.

39 focus points (from Nikon website):
Details of the 24 MP sensor (from Nikon website):
Another improvement is wearing 24 MP CMOS sensor DX format is the same as the D3200, so as to save the image in the dimensions of 6000 x 4000 pixels, a resolution that is too high for a beginner camera (even just wearing D7000 16 MP sensor). If there is no picture at high ISO the images of the 24 MP sensor will be more noise than the 16 MP sensor as the D5100, but the D5200 is now used as the new EXPEED 3 processor, the performance should be more effective noise reduction.

Features and specifications D5200:

    • 24 MP sensor, CMOS, DX format
    • ISO 100-6400 (can be increased up to 25,600)
    • 5 fps burst, HDR merged from 2 photos
    • Folding 3-inch LCD, 900 thousand pixels (not touch screen)
    • 39 AF points, including 9 cross type
    • 2,016 pixel RGB metering module
    • 95% coverage, 0.78x magnification, pentamirror OVF
    • HD 1080p, 60 fps, stereo mic
      The Nikon D5200 could be a real challenger to Canon 650D. But wait, there was one thing that was a bit disappointing that D5200 still can not do wireless trigger for external flash a brand. Differences with the Canon 650D which has been able to do that, plus Canon 650D can also be operated with a touch screen while the D5200 is not. D5200 also still do not allow users to directly access the ISO, WB or other important features with the button directly, but through the Info button. Fortunately, the D5200 now offers a dedicated button to change Release Mode at the top near the snap button, useful when we want to change from Single Shot to Continuous Shoot mode or another.

      So the position of the Nikon D5200 is still in the middle between the camera and the camera novice class seriously. Judging from its already complete and modern, but of buttons and external controls are still not satisfactory. Nikon D5200 ideal for those looking for a camera with features to match D7000 camera class, but the body is still small and light, or for those of you who need a live view to take pictures or record video with a folding screen. Concerning the quality of the images when viewed from the Nikon web heck is promising, at least at low ISO


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